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The Little Iron Age Skills Show

Here are the four parts of The Little Iron Age Skills Show which I filmed in 2013 on site at Castell Henllys Iron Age Settlment in Pembroke National Park.  The Videos are designed to be embedded in relevent Websites or used as a Multimedia Board Resource for Teachers exploring The Celts in the Classroom.  

The Series is an Audio Visual Companion to my Online Kindle books which describe many of the Ancient Life Skills in richer detail. My Kindle books can also be used on the Multi Media Board as a Dedicated Resource.  Click & buy for just £1.99 each.    

Living History and Reconstructed Interpretation of Ancient History has only been possible thanks to modern advances in Archaeology & Excavation Techniques. In 1988 when I first became interested in Historical Reenactment, I wore what I thought the ancients wore and I talked about the Iron Age Ancestors in a manner that was at best niave and anachronistic.  But by 1991, a wealth of reconstruction archaeology was appearing in the form of Reconstructed Iron Age Settlements, started by the pioneering work of Butser Ancient Farm in Hampshire in the 1960's and later sprouting into a plethora of Reproduction Iron Age sites across Britain.  


By 1994, wearing Tartan Car Blankets and furry boots had given way to the studies of original examples of Early clothing being discovered in the Danish Peat Bogs.  "Hack and Bash" Reenactment Societies became Living History Groups which began to learn hands on skills, cooking, dyeing cloth, weaving on best educated guesswork supported by Primary and Secondary Evidence.  By 1997, enthusiasts like myself were living for extended periods in thatched Roundhouses and through trial and error, comparing how indigenous people around the world still live and use such houses, a foundation was laid which has found its way into the National Curriculum in UK.   When we present to the children, we are no longer relying on presenting the best educated guess, but we can explain to the children with a degree of certainty, where the Ancient People came from, What they wore, How they lived and how they did things.  From 2008 to 2012 I was the only dedicated,full time "Ancient British Interpreter" visiting Classrooms across UK delivering the Ancient British Culture to KS 2 & 3 students.   As Recently as the 1980's the Curriculum started with the Roman Invasion and completely ignored the other 8000+ years of British Culture before it.  Today, there are a variety of quality interpreters and Classroom Activities established for the future.  Rent-a-Celt is proud to be associated with this flourishing rennaissance or discovery of British & European History.

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