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British KS 2 & 3 Prehistory Stone Age to Iron Age

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We visit KS 2 & 3 Classes Across UK & represent British Prehistory, from Stone Age to Iron Age.  


We work with many Schools and have formed a close bond with a number of Museums.  


Here you will find video's, publications and materials to help you with your lessons.  

Our staff have Clear Fully-Enhanced Disclosures & we posess £2 Million Public Liability/indemnity Cover.


If you want "Rent-a-Celt" to spend the day in your school with a "Hands on" history day:



OUR 14x11inch TEACHER'S DEDICATED RESOURCE BOOK.  We also have a Multimedia board friendly version.


Topics Include:  Who were the Ancient Britons, What did they wear? What did they eat? A Child's Life, How to make Iron and much much more!

An Iron Age Woman demonstrates how to use a drop spindle for spinning thread.  Watch our Video's to see how its done here:

This term, ‘The Celts’ has been misleading and many people today think that the inhabitants of Britain and Ireland were also Celts. However it is now generally accepted that the Britons and Gauls of Europe were different cultural groups but whom both understood iron production and traded with one another.


When the Romans spoke off Gauls, Gallia or Celtae they were referring to different tribes of people whom stretched from Northern Italy to France, from southern Germany to parts of Spain.


We know that the basis for their language was shared but had many regional dialects, they worshipped the same God’s and Goddesses, but each tribe used variations on the names of these deities.  We shouldn't think of the Celts as one people. Rather as Prof. Raimund Karl explains: "Individual fruit are different colours, shapes and tastes, but collectively they are all described as fruit. We should view the many tribes from the perspective of their differences rather than their few similarities"


Britons and those Iron Age people in Ireland are thought to have been the descendants of the Bronze Age Farmers and earlier Mesolithic hunters who had lived in Britain and Ireland since the Stone Age or before the water levels rose and separated them from the European Continent. The Romans tell us that they too considered the Britons to be separate from Gauls however; Caesar describes trade between the south of Britain and the Gauls and notes that in those areas the communities were very similar.


So rather than talk about "The Celts" we will be defining our information and referring to "Ancient Britons".

Celts or Britons? 


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