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About Rent-a Celt   

Rent-a-Celt is committed to preserving, understanding and interpreting British Prehistory based on up to date Archaeological evidence.  


Britain can no longer accept the picture of our ancestors that the Romans left us.  Ancient Britons did not wear mud, sit in mud & eat mud simply waiting for the Romans to bring Civilisation


We've Had An Idea...

Rent-a-Celt has redesigned our website to make it a stand a lone resource for teachers who want to access our expertise and bring it into the classroom. So, we are making available, our books available as online ebooks and video's from our Youtube page for teachers to Subscribe to and download as well as classroom resources that you can download and print off !


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NEW Classroom Resource for KS 2 & 3 Teachers

Front Cover

Buy and Download the new multimedia board friendly Teachers Resource Book  92 pages of full colour photos featuring many Iron Age & Prehistoric Skills plus hands on information about everyday life in the Iron Age.   Click on the cart for more information..........

We have put together a brand new resource for teachers who are preparing to study "The Celts" at KS 2 & 3 based on our feedback from school visits over the last 5 years.  This book describes what they wore, what they ate, how the did everyday tasks....